Les Expressifs 2012

Les Expressifs were this weekend in Poitiers! Ju wasn’t here for the first time since he was at his silly climbing competition in the Pyrenees. He claimed this competition always happened during the Expressifs and I had to remind him that in fact it never had, and we’ve always gone to it together.

This year, like last year, I worked Friday morning so I didn’t go to the opening night. But yesterday I headed into town around 5 and saw this show:

“Poilu,” photo credit La Nouvelle République

You can see another great (protected) photo of that show here.

But my favorite was this band that I saw in the Lez’Arts dans la rue bus:

Sorry about the head

Sorry about the blur!

They’re called Tzig n Roots and I can’t find any sort of website for them so unfortunately, those are the best pictures I can find. There’s no need to tell me they’re pretty awful. This little bus only fits around 30 people tops, I would guess, and it hasn’t made an appearance at the festival since the first time I went in 2009. But the ambiance is pretty special because it’s much more intimate than the other venues.

Today I went back into town around 3:30 and saw Maobi, a band who plays with an illustrator and a big screen.

The artist

Two of the musicians

I ended the weekend with a show by La Fausse Compagnie, who were pretty funny, but I didn’t take any pictures. Here’s one on the Expressifs website, though I saw them during the day.

I LOVE the Expressifs. Last year we were a bit disappointed with the amount of shows but this year the festival appeared to be en forme and I especially appreciated the return of the bus.

When I got home, the ponies were back in the yard by our house (the horse has been gone for a little over a month). But these were not the same ponies! This time there is a baby poney!

Okay sorry here you can just see his butt

And he doesn’t have devil eyes either really

Yeah okay so the pictures are pretty crappy. But they took a lot of coaxing to come and eat the apples so the photos weren’t my first concern.


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