I realize it’s been about three weeks (more or less, I can’t do calendar math) since I posted and I hate that. But honestly nothing recently has provoked a post. I’m on vacation now, having survived the first eight weeks of the school year without much distress. I mean really, hardly any distress at all. I’ve only had one or two discouraging days. Compare that to last year when I started the Toussaint vacation in tears! This year J has not jaunted off to India, I don’t have any training days, AND our vacation is two weeks long instead of ten days.

The twist is that after vacation, I’ll go back to work for a week and a half and then I’ll be out on sick leave for my foot operation, presumably until school starts up again in January. I can’t guess exactly how that will affect the year but I have a feeling it will be strange. But I can only imagine it’ll be worth it, given how much my feet hurt these days.

In the meantime my vacation plans include grading papers (I’ve plowed through more than half of the 200 papers I have so far), practicing the violin, and tutoring my brother-in-law. I will probably go somewhere with J next weekend for four days, but I don’t know where yet, and it will probably involve watching him rock-climb.


What do you think?

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