Vacation almost over! Gah!

Yes my first ever two-week Toussaint vacation is almost over. It’s hard to believe. It feels like it started ages ago and yet I feel like I’ve been working every day anyway. At the beginning of the vacation I had 200 papers to grade and managed to knock all but six of them (six that had been sorted elsewhere because of being turned in a different day, not just an arbitrarily small number) out in the first three days of the vacation. Unfortunately, those six hung around till tonight when I finally put my nose to the grindstone and finished them up. It’s ridiculous the lengths of procrastination I’ll go to for things that I can get done really fast, or even, often, LIKE DOING once I start them (not the grading—I never like grading).

All that’s left before Monday morning is to prepare a powerpoint (technically Keynote on the iPad) presentation to introduce water sports to the 3e. But I’m not really sure when I’ll get that done given that this weekend (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) has been dedicated to rehearsing with the band. That is, we arrive at nine (though to be honest we do drink the obligatory coffee) and leave around six. It’s been good fun, I have to say. We’re working on some new things and on spicing up pretty much everything. (But boy does my body feel weird after six hours of playing and/or sitting on a stool. I don’t know how I used to do those day-long region orchestra rehearsals in high school. I guess I had a younger body.) Anyway, not really sure when this iPad presentation will be snuck in. I think I’ll take it along tomorrow and see if there’s any down time.

I shouldn’t feel bad about vacation being over. I’m trying to remember how I feel good about teaching this year! And how my students mostly like me! It’s just that the upcoming week is going to be very chargé. Monday morning I’ll go in an hour early to explain the US presidential elections to a class of Terminale students for a colleague. Wednesday I’ll have three extra hours of work (when I usually plan most of my classes) for a training on our interactive white board (though honestly that is pretty exciting), and Thursday afternoon I’ll have two extra hours of class plus parent-teacher meetings in the evening. Good thing Friday afternoon my brother arrives and the following week I only work two days before going into the hospital to have my foot cut open.

Coming soon (after the hospital stay obviously): a post about operations in French hospitals. (Though I’ll have no comparison to make with American hospitals, having not been in one since birth.)


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