Fitzes in Poitiers

My brother came to visit about ten days ago, since he was spending three weeks working in Italy. He’d met J before, when we met up in the Verdon in the summer of 2011, but this was his first visit to Poitiers, and I was super excited. My life here is finally stable, with no questions about titre de séjour renewal, a permanent job, no house moving in the foreseeable future, and a car to show him around.

He was only here for the weekend but that’s more than enough time to see Poitiers. He arrived Friday afternoon and I took him for a quick tour of the school I work at before coming back home to eat dinner with J. Little did we know, in the year and a half since we last saw him, my brother has become a vegetarian, which came as a big surprise, especially since I now live with a butcher’s son. We easily modified our endives au jambon to just endives au bechamel for him and didn’t give him any of our foie gras.

Saturday we finally had some nice weather so we went into town to see the centre ville.

Wandering in Poitiers

The Saturday book market on the Place Notre Dame (the prettiest spot in Poitiers)

Frere and soeur in front of the Eglise Notre Dame

We saw these boys playing soccer in front of the Cathedral

The Baptistere Saint Jean

Frere had never eaten roasted chestnuts

In the evening

The Hotel de Ville at twilight

Sunday morning we went to the open market at the Couronneries, where there is always the eel guy with his fresh eels ready to be grilled.

Sunday we spent with the in-laws. They have a little rock-climbing room. Voici J making my brother do bouldering.

Besides that we also ate at our favorite restaurant in Poitiers, the Cafe Pop. All in all it was a great weekend. All of these pictures were taken by my brother (except the ones he’s in, obviously)


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