Foot Leave, Day 6

Hallux rigidus, what I have on both feet. They took of some boney-type stuff on top, where that silly lightning bolt is.

Hallux rigidus, what I have on both feet. They took off some boney-type stuff in the red circle.

If I count from my first day entirely not in hospital, I’m on day 6 of foot-surgery-related sick leave.

Here’s how I’ve been spending my days.

  • 9:30-11 am: Get up, eat breakfast, wait for home nurse to come. Home nurse arrives and gives me an injection (Anti-phlebitis injections can hurt, btw, and leave bruises—I still have a hematoma on my tummy from the hospital. Fun!), as well as sometimes changing my bandage and drawing blood for a platelet count.
  • 11-12 am: Watch Homeland or diddle around on the internet. Wiggle my toe back and forth about 20 degrees. Take a shower with a garbage bag rubber-banded to my foot.
  • 1-2 pm: Hobble downstairs to make lunch and do dishes.
  • Afternoon:
    • Do some work-related task, such as typing in my appréciations, grading BTS recordings, or e-mailing colleagues. Watch more Homeland. I recommend it. It’s hard to stop.
    • Violin-related things: Practice the violin, diddle around on the violin, change my strings, listen to a radio show that we will appear on next week. Actually try to play more in tune (=play scales).
    • Call J to ask him to buy some miscellaneous grocery item that I can’t get myself because I can’t drive.
  • Sometime between 4 and 9: J comes home. Eat dinner, watch tv or go see SIL, go to bed. Except this week, when J is on déplacement in Picardie, so this whole last part doesn’t happen.

This is the third time J has been sent off for the week to work since this summer. Last year he did this once, and the previous four years he worked for them, it was never necessary because the sales team was doing their job and getting them the normal amount of contracts in the region. But they screwed up and hired too many people and now he gets sent to random places—St Quentin, Caen, Laon—that don’t even make up the money for his company. He’s pretty bummed about it every time because he misses me and he doesn’t have easy access to a good rock-climbing wall to train. Tonight he’s driving to Belgium and back in order to go to a good wall.

Anyway, I was worried this second week of foot leave would be pretty depressing since I can’t leave the house and my expat friends don’t have cars to get out here. But J’s friends seem to be coming through—they’re eating dinner here tonight, I’m tutoring his little brother in English tomorrow night, and Thursday night we have a concert. So I think I may not go out of my mind. But I will finish watching Homeland. And that’s a big bummer.


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