The After-Effects of Christmas

1. A new stereo (I bought it for Ju) that gracefully drowns out the yelling from the neighbors’, whose angry cousins are visiting for Christmas

2. A drying-up Christmas tree in the living room that Ju doesn’t want to take down till New Year’s

3. An empty house since Ju has left to go climbing in Spain

4. A new spice sorter with all the spices neatly labeled and sorted—yes!

5. Too much work to do to prepare the first weeks back at school (BTS orals—boo!)

6. A chocolate fountain machine to break in at our small New Year’s Eve party on Monday

7. Lots of chocolates to eat

8. A new raclette machine to baptise before the end of raclette-eating season

9. New, addictive board games (specifically this one called “7 Wonders”)

10. Wondering when I’ll be able to put a shoe on my right foot…


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