Well gosh

Why did I send my boyfriend to the United States? Now I’m all alone for the week. Blurg.

I put Ju on the train last night. He spent last night in Paris before getting his plane this morning. He has a five-hour stop in Dallas (which I’ll have next week, since we have the exact same itinerary) and a short flight to El Paso after that. Then he has to pick up the rental car and drive to the hostel we reserved at the park.

He promised to send me a text when he finally arrives.

In the meantime, I have lots of work to get done before going on vacation. I’m creating a trip journal for our 5e + 4e trip to London in April. I have to catch up on time lost to BTS orals (which are finally done!). I have grading to do and I have units to plan for after the vacation because I’ve blown through pretty much everything I’d planned for the collège kids. At least I found out that I don’t have my BTS students this week (though I do really like them)—they’re setting up the departure of the 4L trophy this year at the Futuroscope park.

I also have some television to catch up on. I finally watched the last episode of 30 Rock last night. And I mean to catch up with my expat friends a little bit.

But the rest of the time, I miss him! I did put a tiny thing in his suitcase for Valentine’s Day, and he’s hidden something in the house somewhere that I’ll find out on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Well gosh

  1. Ah! You’ve reminded me to watch the end of “30 Rock”…thanks! And good luck surviving the week without your boyfriend. Mine had to leave France back in December and I won’t see him until May. Courage! 🙂

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