Goodbye Texas

Ju and I got back home at around 5 pm yesterday after around 24 hours of traveling. We said goodbye to my parents Friday morning and then spent the next day traveling and waiting for trains and planes.

Our last day in San Antonio, we just ate lunch at Green and went to Historic Market Square. I bought a little white nativity scene since we are short on Christmas decorations. Unfortunately there was no space in my suitcase left for it so my mom will have to mail it to us.

So after two weeks of eating things like this


At Urban Taco in San Antonio

we said goodbye to the United States.

Okay this is actually the El Paso airport from ten days ago.

Okay this is actually the El Paso airport from ten days ago.

At least today the sun is shining. I caught up on sleep and somehow have to get my head back to work tomorrow morning.

It was a really wonderful trip, and having J there made it really exciting. I loved being able to show him things for the first time, and having him see how we live our lives over there. And the plane trip back was so much more comfortable with him along. I was sad to come back to France but not in a homesick way, just in a sense that the fun was over.

There’s now a Flickr feed over on the sidebar with all (well, most) of the pictures from this trip.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Texas

  1. Mom says:

    have you unpacked? I do not find your white dress here in the guest closet and hope that you packed it and forgot that you packed it
    miss you

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