So it’s been like three weeks

The return to work was fine but it has been insanely busy. With the conseils de classe, parent-teacher meetings, evening meetings, open house day + afternoon of meetings to prepare it, it feels like we haven’t had a minute to breathe. I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep preparing my classes! But so far nothing ridiculous has happened and I’ve even managed to not yet spend much time working on the weekends (a high priority of mine given that we’ve all been working till 7 or 7:30 most nights!).

I have two more weeks of work before I take the 5e and 4e to London, which I’ll try to report back on as much as I can. We’ll be taking a coach from Poitiers to London, crossing under the Channel by shuttle. We’ll spend four days in London and one afternoon in Canterbury (my idea) before heading back the Friday night before vacation, arriving at 6 am on a Saturday so that I can go home and crash.

After that, I’ll have two weeks of vacation with nothing much planned, then a short road trip to Normandy with friends the 8-10th of May. What with the trips (London + a short BTS trip in May), federal holidays, and baccalauréat, the year at the lycée will be over before I know. The 5e, however, see until July 5th!


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