Off to London

with the wee ones tomorrow morning.

By “wee ones” I mean the 13-year-olds, so they’re not so wee, but some of them were still shocked to learn that they wouldn’t be able to pay for things in euros.

Hopefully it’ll be adorable and not too stressful.


5 thoughts on “Off to London

  1. I was REALLY surprised we could use dollars in Mexico. I had actually gone to the bank and gotten pesos—SA banks have plenty of pesos
    the taxi drivers preferred the dollars (???)

  2. Andromeda says:

    I hope it’s warmer for you all than last weekend!! It’s funny, my grandad was the opposite of your students, he kept wanting to send me Francs, I was like, no it’s Euros now, “Yes, I know France is in Europe, I have all these francs left from my trip (in 1982) you can use . . .” Money is hard for the young and the old!

  3. The weather wasn’t bad for us, though it was cold in the mornings. We didn’t ever really get caught in the rain, which I think is a big win for London!

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