Visiting la Vienne

My parents came to Poitiers this past week as a stop between a work trip to Poland and a work trip to Spain. They have been to France many times, but Poitiers only once, when we mostly spent our time in La Rochelle and Saint Emilion.

This time we got around a lot more in the immediate area of Poitiers, whose département is la Vienne.

We picked them up at the station on Saturday morning, and after dropping bags off at the house, we headed to Montmorillon to eat at the Roman des Saveurs.

The best restaurant in Montmorillon in the old town

Montmorillon is known for the Cité de l’Écrit, with lots of little shops related to the art of books (calligraphy, old books, paper, etc.). Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of this little calligraphy shop we wandered into.




Then we headed to the Abbey at Saint Savin, a UNESCO world heritage site known for its ceiling frescos.




You can easily make out some of the stories, like Noah’s Ark in the middle here (upside down).

Then we went to Angles-sur-Anglin, a very beautiful little village with an abandoned castle ruin. I wanted to live there. Julien says it’s too small.

IMG_0214 IMG_0197

I had a sound check for a concert that night, so after that we went and ate dinner in Chauvigny, at a not very good crêperie, before going back to my concert. Next time we’ll have to eat somewhere else. Our croques monsieur were all soggy.

Sunday we ate dinner with Julien’s family, walked around the suburb where he grew up, and played games.

The rest of the week we managed to still fit in some interesting things, in spite of my spotty work schedule.


The newly redone Place d’Armes/Leclerc in Poitiers

The Great Hall in the Palais de Justice, with its three huge fireplaces


The Polychromies at the Eglise Notre Dame


The abbey and surroundings at Nouaillé


Azay-le-Rideau (not actually in the Vienne)


The troglodyte village at Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse


The only remaining tower of the fortress at Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse

We also managed to eat three delicious French meals out, at the Roman des Saveurs, our favorite the Cafe Pop in Poitiers, and the Ricordeau in Loudun. Thanks to my mom for all the pictures. Now they are off to Spain, by the night train Elipsos, to set up to spend spring semester 2014 in Alcala de Henares as part of my mom’s university’s exchange program.


6 thoughts on “Visiting la Vienne

  1. You did some awesome things I’ve never heard of before! I looked up to go to saint savi, turns out it would take nearly 5 hours and cost almost 40€ from tours, ridic! Glad you had a good time with your parents.

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