Road Trip

Okay, well, mini road trip. Very mini. Even mini-er than the trip we took up to Evry last weekend for a friend’s housewarming party.

Yesterday evening, after J got off work, we headed to La Rochelle to see one of my favorite bands, Band of Horses. I’d been lamenting how living in France means not seeing my favorite musicians live, since they tend to only come to Paris and only in the middle of the work week (ahem, Tegan & Sarah).

La Rochelle is only an hour and a half drive from here, so we left yesterday around 6:30.

As we got close to La Rochelle, we managed to find a Subway to sit down and eat. At some point, the following conversation took place (in French):

Me: What do you usually eat when you come to Subway?
J: I’ve never been to a Subway before.

At which point I proceeded to share all my childhood Subway memories with him. (Well, a couple anyway.)

In spite of the heat (the venue wasn’t air conditioned) and a half hour delay for the supporting act to start, Band of Horses put on as usual* an excellent, beautiful show.

Afterward, I thought J would want to get home as soon as possible since he of course had work this morning, but he wanted to go into the town center to go to Ernest’s ice cream, the best ice cream in the region, so well-loved, in fact, that there was no question of it being closed at midnight. La Rochelle mid-summer is certainly a more happening place than Poitiers!

Nothing else exciting is planned till I leave for San Francisco on July 25th (train to Paris July 24th, Formule 1 hotel room 25 euros!), to see my brother and to go to Laurel’s wedding (hurray!). I should really be working on my lesson plans every afternoon but I haven’t gotten much done yet.

*I say as usual but I’ve only seen them one other time, at Austin City Limits Music Festival, in 2008.

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