Summer Goals

Last summer I went all gonzo on the house. I’m not going to put any more effort into this rental so clearly with these seven weeks of vacation I’ll have to find something else to keep busy with.

The plan so far is multi-pronged, if you will:

1) Pilates. I’ve forgotten how much I like pilates since I gave up my exceedingly expensive French gym membership over a year ago. It’s back to DVDs on the bedroom floor. Fortunately our bedroom is ridiculously enormous (25 square feet, larger than many expats’ entire homes) so I can flail about in the name of fitness all I want.

2) Rock-climbing. I took the plunge and bought myself some rock-climbing shoes and am planning on getting my FFME license in September. But for now J seems enthusiastic about paying to go to the massive rock-climbing wall in Niort. Time to get over my fear of heights…


3) Tennis. I don’t actually plan to play tennis, of course. Let’s not be silly. But J did give me a nice racket for my birthday and I do enjoy hitting the ball over the net, so I think I’ll keep trying to do that.

4) Lesson planning. As usual there are things I have to do and things I want to re-do: Plan the year’s lessons for the new class of Terminale, re-think some of my 2e and 3e classes, adjust my BTS course for the reform that’s just kicked in. My fellow ex-stragiaires and I (the ones I was in training with last year) are planning on meeting up again some day soon to chatter incessantly get work done.

5) Gearing up to be professeur principal. If you happen to have read this post, you have maybe some understanding of what this business is about, if my explanation was up to any sort of snuff. What with there being 5 classes of 3e instead of the normal 4 next year, I strongly suspected I might be asked to be one of the valiant—or so they seem, in 3e anyway—professeurs principaux (yes that is one of those annoying -aux plurals, it makes it even worse). While I’ve been considering offering myself up for the investment that is professeur principal-ing, I did actually say no on the form we all fill out at the end of the year. I have to admit, I wanted to be wooed. I didn’t want things to go badly this coming year and for someone to be able to say, “But you asked for it!” So today I got a call from our 3e/2e counselor asking if I’d be willing to do it…and I cracked in under two seconds. GAH.

That’s really all I’ve got planned for now. There were only five prongs, and three of them were sports-related, while the other two are actually just work. Help me out here if you have any brilliant ideas for any other prongs.


What do you think?

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