Berkeley Wedding

The reason for my trip to California this summer was the wedding of my good friend from high school, Laurel. She and her chéri met in (at?) Berkeley in 2004 (-ish?) and so they decided to have the wedding on campus, at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Friday afternoon our high school friend Rebecca and I met up at Ritual Coffee Roasters in San Francisco to prepare our toast. I still get generally pretty anxious about public speaking (except in front of students) so was happy to have a partner in it.

As for the wedding itself, I didn’t get very many good pictures. Either the lighting was off or people were dancing too fast, so I put away the camera after taking only a couple.

I stayed, along with the other guests, at a hotel in downtown Berkeley with beautiful beds and beautiful bathrooms. It was a change after spending just two nights already at my brother’s house, and from the sweaty night I had spent at the non-air-conditioned F1 in Roissy. I shared a room with Rebecca, otherwise it would have been out of my price range, but I may just have to include more nice hotels in my travels from now on.

We got to hang out with L as she got her nails done and her hair done, at Aveda, whose smells were very tempting especially since I’m considering dyeing my hair in the near future. I was super excited to finally wear the dress I bought at Comptoir des Cotonniers in April. I also got to make a mini stop-motion movie in one of the museum exhibits. Sadly I was still pretty jet-lagged and conked out around 11:15 that evening.

The bagpiper. I didn't get any pictures of the relatives in kilts.

The bagpiper. I didn’t get any pictures of the relatives in kilts.

Me, L, R

Me, L, R

Anyway, the wedding was definitely the high point of the trip and I’m looking forward to going to see Laurel in Manchester in October, when we’ll also see Josh Ritter perform an acoustic show. Hurray!


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