Reasons why being a teacher is a good job

During my stage year, when I was—let’s face it—very unhappy at work, I used to look at people in any job other than mine and wonder if they were happier than I was. The server at the local bar, the info desk woman at school, the delivery man, the butcher… I sincerely reflected on these people’s happiness in their work day. Now that going to work isn’t so depressing anymore, it’s becoming more obvious why teaching is not such a bad gig. Here is my list of obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.

  1. It’s work I believe in.
  2. There’s a lot of creativity permitted and even encouraged.
  3. There are no uniforms involved. I can dress how I want, within reason.
  4. It’s never boring.
  5. There are no odd hours. Or at least, you manage your odd hours the way you want.
  6. There’s no profit margin pressure involved.
  7. There are no weird smells that I carry home with me.
  8. It doesn’t damage my back or my skin.
  9. I’m not stuck behind a desk eight hours a day.
  10. No one’s life is in my hands.
  11. I’m hardly ever alone.

Got any others? Or any odd reasons why your job is a good one?


4 thoughts on “Reasons why being a teacher is a good job

  1. Andromeda says:

    Intellectual stimulation/respect. Or, it’s nice being considered knowledgable enough about something that people listen to you. My reasons look like your reasons besides 1, 6, and 9. Though dressing “within reason” at an office means something a little different than at a school.

    • I hesitated about putting in intellectual stimulation, but I don’t think what I teach is difficult enough that it’s not just really number 2. And as for respect, well… there’s not a lot of that.

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