End of an era?

To interrupt this annual empty period on the blog at the rentrée, I bring you some news on the CAFEP procedural front.

I talked to one of our union representatives the other day, and he informed me that non-Europeans can no longer sit the CAFEP CAPES.

The link that seems to substantiate that news for me is here:

Conditions d’inscription CAFEP CAPES

And the conditions for the public CAPES externe are here.

They’re now the same. The colleague I talked to said that this was being done in the name of “equality,” ironically. I think of all the American teachers I know in the private system and wonder what this can possibly accomplish. Does the private system need to be equal to the public system in every way? Surely it’s supposed to keep some of its quirks and differences? And, if they’re going to insist on this type of equality, does that mean that private teachers will soon be fonctionnaires? (…though obviously not me, seeing as I’m still just a plain old American.)


What do you think?

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