Music This Year

Last year I was lamenting that one of the downsides of living in France is that the musicians I love don’t really tour. Imagine if I’d stayed in Austin, for example, a city with a true wealth of live music and everyone you’d ever want to hear.


In a combination of taking action and getting lucky, things have been rectified this year pretty well. Here’s the schedule of planned and just passed events:

  • July 10th, 2013: Band of Horses, La Rochelle
  • October 10th: Tété, Poitiers
  • October 28th: Josh Ritter, Manchester
  • February 13th: Les Têtes Raides, Poitiers
  • March 21st: Stromae, Angoulême
  • March 27th: Jeanne Cherhal, Poitiers
  • April 10th: Les Ogres de Barback, Poitiers

A lot of this is thanks to the Blaiserie in Poitiers. We saw Tété last night and it was pretty great. And while I’ll probably not see Ryan Adams, Andrew Bird, or Brandi Carlile anytime soon, I may be able to live with that if I keep getting to see shows like these.

Tété at the CSC Blaiserie, Poitiers, October 10th

Tété at the CSC Blaiserie, Poitiers, October 10th, playing a song in the middle of the audience (no zoom on this picture!)


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