Randomized landscapes

Can you believe it? Finally a free wordpress theme for a wordpress-hosted site that randomizes landscapes! Definitely no one is excited about this but me. But ever since I gave up the expense of my own domain name, I lost the ability to truly customize wordpress themes, and I had to give up my carefully chosen randomized landscapes. Now they’re back thanks to the Fictive theme!

So I’ll probably stick with this one for a while. Or does no one notice because we all read blogs on RSS feeds now?

As for other, IRL things, there are two major developments in my life right now:

1) School year dragging to a close

2) New house being consumed by dust

Eventually I’ll post some pictures of number 2. By dust I mean plaster, because before we paint the walls we have to make sure they are perfectly smooth. Never has anything been so boring AND time-consuming in my life. I decided to paint because I thought it was faster than wall-papering. WRONG.

So. That’s coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Randomized landscapes

  1. m says:

    I read your blog at your blog. I get an e-mail that you’ve posted, and I could read the post there, but I’d rather read it at your site. So I will see your landscapes.

  2. Laurel says:

    I’m excited about it! I do read your blog on an RSS reader, though. But actually, I don’t really like it. So maybe I’ll switch to the email thing.

  3. Glad you guys appreciate it! 😀 I use an application called Feed Bot for my RSS feeds. It’s in the menu bar next to Dropbox and the wifi symbols. It tells me there’s a new post but clicking on the title then takes me to the actual blog post.

  4. Oh, yes, I know all about the dust and plastering. I just spent my day trying to sweep up all the dust around the house and scrubbing down the floors because I’m so sick of slipping on the dust. Plastering and poncer (what’s the English word for that?) have been the bane of our existance the past few weeks. My husband hates to poncer so much that I mostly do it. He just wants to slap on the pain without smoothing down the wall. I usually have to argue with him that it needs to be done and I send him away and get it done myself. It takes so looooooooong.

      • I totally understood. We finally painted one of the rooms today and it became clear why it was so important to do the sanding (I think that’s the right word…). But I was definitely the one who would rather have just painted earlier, and it was more J’s father making sure we took our time (or rather, his) to get it all smooth. I can’t wait till we finally move on from this part that has put the work on hold for two weeks now. I want to be able to walk around in socks again!

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