Things that make me feel like a grown-up, or almost

This list could also be called, “Things I didn’t have or do when I was twenty but do now that I am almost thirty.”

I’m not too freaked out about turning thirty in a few days (post to follow), especially since I already  found a gray hair on J’s 28-year-old head (I abstained from telling him what it was as I removed it delicately with tweezers before showing it to him and beaming—the man cannot stop reminding me that I’m older than he is). In fact, I’m not stressed about it at all since I’m very happy with my life and don’t feel like the things I want are going too slow or too fast.

But this post isn’t about big adult things like houses and babies. It’s about the little things that I could not stand not doing now, but that I didn’t care or know about ten years ago.

  1. Having clean sheets and clean towels for guests
  2. Having a bed-like surface for guests to sleep on
  3. Mopping the kitchen floor and wiping down the sink regularly
  4. Vacuuming the couch
  5. Changing my oil and otherwise taking car of my car
  6. Typing up my monthly expenses with the help of my foursquare check-ins (it does serve a real purpose!)
  7. Not going to parties where I can’t leave and go to bed when I want (okay, this is actually a new resolution)
  8. Going to bed on time in order to not be a zombie at work in the morning
  9. Having multiple bank accounts for different practical reasons (joint account for joint expenses, a savings account…) and not living paycheck to paycheck
  10. Carefully organizing all the French and American paperasse into clearly designated files

I guess a lot of them have to do with my home and cleanliness and hospitality. I feel like guests should feel welcome and comfortable and happy to come back. I also feel like I should be able to take care of myself and in fact feel like I take care of J too since he is less skilled with paperwork and so unfamiliar with things falling through because one important piece of paper is missing (see this post about him messing up his tax address).

Anything that makes you feel like a grown-up, or almost?


7 thoughts on “Things that make me feel like a grown-up, or almost

  1. Doing our laundry on a very regular basis and not because there’s nothing left to wear.

    Preferring to stay in on a weekend night just to chill rather than party.

    Having a dog.

      • I thought that’s how it would be here, but now my J is so so attached to the dog. And another thing to add to the list (because it just happened though J took care of it), cleaning up said dog’s vomit.

  2. I found my first grey hair when I waiting for a (delayed) flight at Roissy a few months ago. That tells you something about that place.

    I have a long way to go if I base myself on your list and I’m older than you! I don’t even do half of the things you do (I should). At least now I think that one of the pleasures in life is clean sheets. What a treat!

    • I also found a gray hair recently, while waiting for tiles to be delivered at Leroy Merlin. I think it was definitely directly their fault for the stress of the situation (long story involving tiles weighing over a ton and a rental van having to be returned on time). Anyway, there are lots of other “grown-up” things I don’t do, and our house it typically a mess, so it’s really nothing to be impressed about!

  3. I posted on my old blog I think about how we called the cops on the kids next door making too much noise celebrating the BAC. Definitely felt grown-up/old but really wanted to sleep!

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