A Little Announcement

J and I have been more or less keeping a secret for over a year. Saturday we hung our crémaillère (figuratively, of course, we don’t have any plans for a huge pot to hang in our fireplace) and J finally told everyone: we’re getting married next summer.

Of course my family and friends overseas have known for a good while, and in fact our decision led in part to my brother’s decision to do his wedding this summer. At first I found the secrecy odd, but in fact I’m quite happy to have been free from any pressure to call him my “fiancé” or say that we’re “engaged” or even talk about an engagement. And though it still seems a little early to plan, I finally took a break from home renovations Friday afternoon to go down to the mairie to get a date and an application.

What with the roadwork happening here, a 3-minute drive took me 15 minutes on the way there, and I did get lost on the way back, so it took me over an hour all told. But it did allow me to discover a little more of the village, which has some really charming spots.

Unfortunately, in spite of being PACSed, it does seem I have to get another certificat de coutume, unless the tribunal d’instance kept it and wants to give it back to me. Two certificats de coutume is indeed redundant, thank you French bureaucracy.

On a side note I am enjoying the World Cup and it’s rounding things out nicely with the wedding news. I’m convinced the World Cup in 2010 contributed to us getting together since I didn’t have a TV and kept going back to the old house to watch the matches. He was awfully nice to me about acting interested in the US team! (Though J does like to bet on the underdog so there may have been some financial interest as well. And the French team in 2010 did royally crash and burn.)

So here is pretty much every picture of the two of us that I have uploaded into WordPress. You can see progression from no beard to beard (him), fashion trends from garbage bags to stripes (me).


11 thoughts on “A Little Announcement

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s amazing news!

    Granted I’ve had a short engagement, but it’s three weeks until our wedding, and I’m still calling him my boyfriend and not fiance. It’s going to be difficult to change to “husband”!

    My friend had that same experience. She’s PACSed and had to get a new certificat de coutume.

    • I think I’ll be relieved! I never know what to say these days. Ami? Copain? Chéri? I usually go with the last one.

      Pain in the arse about the certificat de coutume. I’ll have to get up to Paris at some point for that.

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