Sh*t we do that is decidely un-adult.

It's enough to hastily abandon your beer.

It’s enough to make you hastily abandon your beer.

A few months ago I wrote a post about the things I do, now that I’m thirty years old, that make me feel like an adult. And that was kind of fun to write. But I think this list might be more fun: sh*t J and I do that adults really should probably not.

  1. Run away from bees. (Yes, both of us.)
  2. Take our laundry bin downstairs to do laundry. Then not bring it back up for about week. Cue laundry piling up in front of the closet, freestyle.
  3. Also laundry-related: only wash half the clothes in the laundry bin, thus dividing up pairs of socks for weeks to come.
  4. Let lots of things go bad in the fridge. Give our girlfriend the hairy eye-ball because it’s her fault she won’t eat old ham. (Him, not me. As in, he’s the one giving the hairy eye-ball.)
  5. Wait three months before figuring out how to clean our new walk-in shower. (It is actually more complicated, I have to say. The non-slip floor destroys all sponges and clings to any dirt that was previously on the mop.)
  6. Not know how to make coffee with our coffee machine. (Me, not him.)
  7. Try to fix the pushed-in start button on the laundry machine and in so doing, completely screw up the programmer on the laundry machine forever. We only have one setting now. But it still works fine. (Him, not me.)
  8. Kill stink-bugs in the house by putting a glass over them and waiting for them to die. The worst part is that this takes about a month. (Me, not him.)
  9. Forget about Sunday Morning English every week. Remember it sometime between 11:30 and 11:50.

Got any of your own?


7 thoughts on “Sh*t we do that is decidely un-adult.

  1. Laurel says:

    Hahaha. That cartoon looks so much like you! I have fond memories of you running away from bees on French Club field trips. Glad you haven’t changed. Oh, I owe you an email! Will try to do that now, if I don’t fall asleep first.

  2. While I’ve gotten pretty good at doing laundry (if it weren’t for me though, it wouldn’t get done until J had no clean underwear), I hate putting it away. Once it’s dry, it usually stays up until the next time I do laundry. Even if it takes up space.

    Leaving things laying on the table (books, purse, mail, etc).

    Badly planning a week of meals for our weekly grocery shopping and running out of actual stuff to eat before the end of the week.

    And I’m sure there’s a lot more…

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