Hair and… not

For those interested in my quest for the perfect curls, there have been a few developments lately in my pseudo-Curly-Girl-method world.

1) I found a silicone-free hair cream: Amika Curl-Defining Cream. I was so excited to find one and had so much faith in it that I bought the half-liter bottle for 34 euros. So this stuff is going to last me a while, and it hasn’t been all magic and happy fairies with it. It is really heavy stuff, so the first day, when I did my typical plopping+quarter’s worth of product, my hair was a hot mess. I scaled it back the next day and after watching some videos online I’ve finally got a system that seems to work. I’ve had to do away with plopping though. Once out of the shower, I wring my hair out with my hands and then pull it out of the way with a clip while I put on my contacts and make-up. Then I put less than a dime’s worth of the cream in my hands, rub them together well, and scrunch it into my hair, which is still pretty sopping wet. Then I immediately go at it with the diffuser. I managed to bring back the ringlets this way so I’ll probably stick with this method till the half-liter is gone, in like, five years, given that I use so little each time.

2) I got a terrible blow dry from a hairdresser with wavy hair. I figured a hair-dresser with my type of hair would know how to do it, right? Also I had gone there with my glasses and not my contacts so I didn’t really know what was going on except that she wasn’t using a diffuser. Yeah, it looked pretty terrible—fortunately it was the evening and all we were going to do was hang out at home the rest of the night. I will probably return from now on to the hairdresser down the street who is always running late but gives me great hair.

3) My hair is falling out. Not in like, patches, but significantly more of it comes out these days when I shampoo and even when I just condition. The hairdresser the other day wouldn’t stop talking about it so when I got home I did a little research and I’m pretty sure this is what’s going on. I don’t remember this happening after my first foot surgery, but then this one has been harder and I did live through this new post-surgical side effect this time as well. The interwebs are telling me that my hair will stop falling out sometime in the next couple months so I’m not going to worry about it.


4 thoughts on “Hair and… not

  1. omg! I forgot you have curly hair too! It’s such a hassle in France because I can never find product I like; I just end up stocking from the US! I use Moroccan oil and I love it! But ah, I”ll have to try some of these techniques, too!

    • It’s a pain in France, I agree, though in the U.S. I think I would risk buying too many different things just because of allll the options! If I had curlier hair, I think I could try the African products in France. But it’s not quite that curly and it’s really fine so I’m not sure it’s a good idea…

  2. yer mom says:

    My student Clariza (a big-hair girl) was just telling me the other day how it was great to be back in the land of curly-hair products (she was in Spain with me)

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