Questions People Like to Ask Foreigners, #4

Question #4: What brought you to France?

What a long, boring answer I have to this question. I usually start by saying I came as a language assistant, then check to see if they know what that is, then somehow explain that I stayed for a second year, went home to get my masters, and then came back to Poitiers for work where I then passed the CAPES. But omg, this conversation is so dull.

There are a few things I purposefully keep out: that I was so sad about leaving France in 2008 that I promised myself I’d come back… even if a year later I wondered about the wiseness of that promise. That I stressed out endlessly over whether to move to Poitiers city center, and sign up for the CAPES, or cut everything loose and go home. It all worked out in the end.

I’m considering making up a new story every time now (unless, obviously, it’s someone I expect to get to know well, or already know):

  1. I was in the army, serving somewhere relevant (Kosovo?), when I met my true love and came back with him to Poitiers.
  2. I committed a crime (unspecified to keep up the mystery) in the United States and am now banned from the country.
  3. My grandmother was French and always dreamed one of us would return to live there some day. I made a promise on her deathbed and had to follow it up.
  4. I’m allergic to the entire United States.
  5. I was sponsored for a special visa by the French government because I … well I can’t really tell you.

What’s your favorite?

(Here are the other questions if you missed them, or head over to ToutesDirections for L’s list. )


3 thoughts on “Questions People Like to Ask Foreigners, #4

  1. I like all of your answers, but especially number 5.

    I actually don’t mind this question, but I sometimes feel as if, by the time I get to the end of my long and tortuous explanation, people might regret asking it!

    I also find it funny how people, when they find out that you have a French boyfriend, assume that you came to France for love. Because why else would anyone choose to live here … or something?

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