New Conditioners

Recently I made an exciting discovery for curly girl-followers living in France. (How many of us are there? Two? Three?) My conditioner of choice (L’Oreal EverLiss) disappeared a while ago from the supermarkets I go to. I reluctantly returned to buying Timotei’s conditioner, the remaining one conditioner that seemed to exist without silicones and be widely distributed in French supermarkets.

I noticed though that shampoos and conditioners with “huile d’argan” seemed to be popping up and though I’d occasionally give them a glance (just long enough to confirm that they do indeed put silicones in them) I never really took the time to give any new products a good look, because J is usually with me at the grocery store, and reading bottles takes time.

ultradouxSo imagine my glee when I went grocery shopping recently by myself and found that Garnier’s Ultra Doux line has three (count them: 3) silicone-free conditioners! You have to be careful though and really read the back of the bottle because of the seven varieties of Ultra Doux conditioners that exist, only three are without silicones: huile d’avocat et beurre de karité, mangue et fleure de tiaré, and beurre de cacao et huile de coco. At least, those were the only ones available at my supermarket that didn’t have silicones. They all have a tiny line on the back that says either “sans parabens et sans silicones” or just “sans parabens,” which I have to say I find ridiculous since so few products in France contain parabens these days. It’s like saying “unleaded.”

Anyway, I bought all three of them (duh) and now alternate daily, because of course they are only sold in quantities of 200 mLs, and I put about 30 mLs in my hair every day. Still, they aren’t very expensive and they smell amazing and they make my hair happy.

Coming soon: Final before and afters of the house renovations.


4 thoughts on “New Conditioners

  1. The mangue et fleur de tiaré is great and smells sooooo lovely!!! I’ve also used the crème de soin which helps my incredibly dry ends retain at least a little more moisture… haha Great curly hair shout-out 🙂

  2. My hair was so so dry even with using fancy (and expensive) conditioners from Lush. I switched to that line of conditioner just before Christmas, and it makes my hair so so soft. And love the smell!

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