Before and After: Part Two

We finished the bedroom! Remember that long list of things we had to do to turn two rooms into two other rooms? Well we’ve done all the things!

We finished knocking down the wall, tore up the linoleum, sanded and painted the ceiling, tore down the rest of the wallpaper, put up and painted a ceiling beam where the old wall was, cleaned up and evened out all the bits where we knocked down the wall, put up two new walls, put down a layer of styrofoam insulation, put down laminate flooring, and installed wooden paneling on the wall that was all bumpy.

There were some intermediary steps I’ve left out. We also decided to just completely redo the floor instead of trying to salvage the old hardwood, since the floors weren’t level and the hardwood floor in the previous rooms was not the same.


The walk-in closet is still a work in progress, but the office should be ready as soon as we pick up my new bookshelf and my rug arrives from Ikea. We splurged and bought real hardwood for the office since it’s only 4 square meters.

My future office

My future office

Future walk-in closet

Future walk-in closet

Also, exposed beams are pretty, but a big pain in the arse when it comes to renovations.


What do you think?

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