Another Rentrée

That’s right, it’s here, another rentrée. So before I disappear into the first-month-back blog-less abyss (I hope that I won’t disappear into it, but chances are I will), I thought I’d get on here and acknowledge that this is my fifth rentrée scolaire as an English secondary school teacher. WTH?

The time has truly flown by. Though I am a little annoyed that I have to interrupt the year yet again for another operation (this time piecing together a new ACL in my knee), there are some promising projects this year. I am no longer PP in 3e, but will be doing it in 2e, which I’m excited about (though if I had fewer other projects I would be fine still doing it in 3e). I’m also still looking for an exchange partner for my Euro kids this year, somewhere in Europe, not Germany or Spain, and preferably not too too far. In other words, ideal countries would be: The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy. Another possibility would be Scandinavia though like Ireland it would definitely involve flying. Know any teachers looking for an exchange this year? I have a number of maybes for next year, but it’s getting to be crunch time on 2015-2016. I’d like to be able to tell the kids in the coming weeks where we’ll be going.


4 thoughts on “Another Rentrée

  1. Susan Colette Daubner says:

    I found Noelle on linkedin and will write to her when she responds and find out if her kids are in a school that teaches French

    • Great! They don’t have to be at a school that teaches French, since we want our students to speak English. They just have to be interested in an exchange with a French school.

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