The Past Week

In the wake of the rentrée I’m going to try to not think constantly and only about work (is it really possible? maybe only while I’m watching Parks and Rec thanks to my new Chrome plug-in). So here’s what J and I got up to this past week.

We found a fantastic Cambodian restaurant in Poitiers called Chez Ngim. Seriously, a five-star experience. Bizarrely we found out about it (even though it’s about a 7-minute drive from our house) because we were looking at mini i-Pads at Boulanger for fun, and we clicked on the TripAdvisor app, and saw that it was #2 in Poitiers. Since we love restaurants, it was hard to believe we hadn’t been to the #2 in Poitiers. Highly, highly recommend. The food was even spicy! (Though the owner was careful to provide many un-spicy options).

J’s basement rock-climbing wall has been advancing rapidly (well there was about a four-week break in working on it around the wedding) and he finally got me to climb on it a few days ago.

1er partie 100℅ fini #escalade #pan #entrainement

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(Of course in that picture I’m not wearing the rock-climbing shoes so that was actually just a photo op, not actual climbing). He still has to finish the other half of the room.

In other news, well, actually, the rentrée has taken over my brain. Darnit.


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