The Past Week

Stuff around here has not been that exciting except for going back to work and meeting my classes, but we have been up to a couple of things.

Namely, emptying our attic. We started a few weeks ago with just the crap and this past weekend went head-on into the fiberglass. Eugh. I still am incapable of actually being in our attic because I’m too scared to climb up the ladder that’s set up in our basement staircase—the only access point. So basically J and I cover ourselves in masks, suits, and gloves and he throws fiberglass down to me and I try to take it outside. Then we pile it up with the other random crap from the attic and take it to the dump. Eugh. Fiberglass is awful, guys. And our bedroom is surprisingly COLD without any insulation. Who’d a thunk?

I’m also trying to actually read books (more than just on vacation). It helps me take my mind off work, and there are tons I want to read, so maybe I’ll be able to keep this going for a while. I saw an excerpt of Fatou Diomé speaking on television (from awhile ago) and so started reading her Le Ventre de l’Atlantique.

Finally, here’s a question for people who live in France: Do you know anyone (in France) who has a (French) credit card?

Also, if you like to laugh, you should probably read Breaking Cat News.


6 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Rebecca says:

    I don’t know anyone here in France with a French credit card. I mean, my CB is débit différé with a limit significantly above what I generally keep in my compte courant, but my banker’s just flexible. It’s still not actually a credit card.

    I just read L’homme qui savait la langue des serpents. Absurd, full of magical realism, reminded me a lot of works by Arto Paasilinna. Fatou Diomé’s novel sounds much more pertinent to contemporary French society and to current events. I love first novels. I think they reveal a lot about an author. Keep us updated on what you think?

    Good luck with the attic!

    • Interesting. I’m mostly looking for a way to limit the number of bank cards I have (and pay for) since we will soon have to get a card for our joint account, whereas up to now we’ve managed to make things cheaper by paying for everything by TIP or transfer or check. A bank card for each account feels silly and seems a little expensive.

      L’homme qui savait la langue des serpents sounds interesting. I’ll keep it in mind. Le Ventre de l’Atlantique is going pretty quick so far (it’s not very long anyway).

  2. L says:

    I think my brother in law had an American Express card (maybe through his work?) at one point.

    I think you can technically get revolving credit cards like the US, but no one does because the kinds of purchases Americans would use them for (home furnishings, electronics, clothes), can usually be purchased in some kind of deferred payment plan directly through the store. I bought an expensive winter coat from 1.2.3 one time in a “payment plan” that consisted of 3 checks.

    And thank you for Breaking Cat News.

    • I think I would probably want a visa or a mastercard in order to be use it as many places as possible. Honestly, we’re probably not going to get one, but I am curious as to whether they are ever done in France by normal people.

      Glad you liked Breaking Cat News. It brings joy to my life.

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