Technically since I’m French I could now sign up for the agrégation externe for the public system. Out of curiosity I went over to the ministry of education website and checked out the “programme.” Part of me is very tempted because I would find working on the potato famine so interesting, and the programme will change at some point to something probably less interesting. Other parts of me are not looking for any intense studying to do. Yet other parts of me hate what the French concours call “linguistics” (hint: not exactly linguistics). Those are the parts of me that are winning for now.

Unfortunately, for the agreg to really advance my career, I’d have to do the public one, and as a private system teacher, I don’t have the right to pass the public agreg interne. I’ll have the right to pass the private agreg interne in a year, but that much work seems like it’s not worth it unless you’re getting all the benefits (including the possibility of working at a university). So, hrm for now. For fun though I might read a couple of the books during my sick leave.

(Also, I would not actually want to change schools unless I could work at a university.)


What do you think?

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