The Past Two Weeks

A pretty quiet few weeks (hence the two weeks instead of one), though it looks like I have some leads for our school trip and also we have finished the Awful Fiberglass Adventure of 2015. J has now moved onto the less epic but equally attic-based Ventilation Adventure of 2015. I still have not managed to go up into the attic. I tried again yesterday. It was ridic but it seems no less impossible for being ridiculous.

We went to this band‘s last concert on Friday night, and the weekend proceeded to speed by after that. What with the Fiberglass Adventure and some minor medical problems, Saturday definitely disappeared in under 24 hours, and with only one appearance of sweet potato fries (J bought a deep fryer last week). Sunday morning I played with the band in a village over an hour from here and though it was lovely we also played at noon in bright sunlight (no sunburn, somehow magically) and didn’t get home till 3. Next weekend promises to be a similar rhythm given that I finally got a dentist appointment (it’s only been like six weeks since I started trying, normal right? or maybe not?) and I volunteered to become a judge for bouldering competitions so I have a full-day training for that on Saturday. Don’t worry it should be fun, and J is responsible for making everyone lunch.

So here are some things I’ve read or read about recently.

NYTimes: Is College Tuition Really Too High (my opinion: if it’s not free it’s too high)

Taro Root Recipes from the Huffington Post (J says he’ll cook our first taro root in a purée. Apparently you have to peel them with gloves on, so it’s a good thing I bought 100 gloves for the Awful Fiberglass Adventure.)

What do you do with your wedding ring when you play the violin? (So far it hasn’t bothered me, but I haven’t played much since the wedding.)

This professor from my alma mater has written a book that is now short-listed for the Booker Prize.


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