The Past Week

It’s only one week out till knee surgery—eek! It’s gonna be hard to let work go. And I still haven’t nailed down an exchange trip for my students. Sigh. I’ve been doing physical therapy once a week for the past week, but haven’t gotten much bicycling in as I’d hoped, what with the weather and having a cold.

Otherwise, this past weekend I went to a training session to be an official bouldering referee, and to validate that, I have to referee two competitions, so I should get around to doing that this season.

So here’s some stuff I’ve read/seen lately:

An Open Letter to Non-Natives in Headdresses

Nadine Morano demonstrates why you shouldn’t use the word “race” in French when she talks about a “white race” (also fyi, race also means breed in French whereas it doesn’t in English, and of course, it can be problematic in English as well)

Stromae does “Formidable” in a bar in Seattle.


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