The Past Week

Well, that’s it, I’m out on sick leave. Yesterday I went and got a new knee (well, a new ACL) in Tours in out-patient surgery. I gotta say, I am a big fan of local anesthesia and out-patient service. It was so nice to not throw up and also be able to sleep in my own bed. But this surgery is very different from my two foot surgeries, in that I’m already pretty mobile and there’s a lot of physical therapy from the get-go. There’s also no bandage which meant last night I could already take a shower! Though the local anesthesia was pretty light, and I definitely was not as “drugged” as they told me I would be, it still gets my vote.

So now I’m back home getting some work done and sitting on the couch and bending my knee and icing it as I’ve been directed. Last week involved a lot of preparation for the substitute teacher, who has as yet not been found, and also a visit to the Salon du Tourism in Paris with the BTS students (it was cool).

I’ve also registered for in the hopes of getting some information about my great-great-great-grandmother whom I’ve written a song about. Namely, what ship she sailed in from Ireland on. It’s turning out to be difficult information to find. Anyone out there done genealogy research like this before?

J went to the 10th edition of this competition last weekend, where two Slovenian climbers won. Looks like I might be going to Slovenia with the tenth graders this year, fingers crossed.
Les slovenes realisent le double aux 24 heures du mur d’oloron

Also, related to my post from last week about keeping my maiden name, an article I read thanks to ablonderinglife:
Au nom de la mère : Ces parents qui choisissent le “matronyme”


4 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. L says:

    I had a period about 2-3 years ago where I was on every day after work for hours (my husband called it my mmorpg). I would recommend watching the various videos and webinars they offer on ancestry. There aren’t many records available without a pay account on ancestry, but some of the things on ancestry are also on for free. From experience, Irish ancestors are hard because of the large number of records lost in the 1922 fire. It’s not impossible though. I would recommend filling in the gaps between you and your great-great-great grandmother. It takes a while to get a hang of genealogy research, and it’s good to start with “easier” ancestors you already know something about before researching the furthest back person you know. Some of the only info I got about my Irish ancestors where through probate announcements in Maryland newspapers in the 1870’s (through a friend’s account with the Baltimore public library).

    • Yeah, is pretty cool. I paid 22 euros and I’m okay with that, but I’m not sure I’m willing to keep it up for long. I started on the family tree today which I can fill in back to my great-great-great-grandmother, but then it stops, and no useful little “leaves” appear with any parental connections for her. I think I may have found her boat, but it would mean the birth year and the emigration year we have for her are slightly off. Which is of course entirely possible given that it was over 150 years ago! I’ll check out some of those videos.

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