The Past Week

This week was still pretty darn unexciting since it was my third week of sick leave. Though walking has become a lot easier, at least in the house, I discovered yesterday at a family dinner that if I don’t sit with my knee up most of the day, the leg swells up like whoa.

Schools are on vacation right now which makes it feel less like I’m missing out on things, but I am working on my school trip and trying hard to get a transportation budget nailed down.

I’ve been binge watching Jane the Virgin, whose cleverness really hit me when I learned that Rogelio de la Vega has a twitter account and it’s hilarious.

Otherwise, here’s some random stuff I read.

Dunkin Donuts is coming to ‘Eastern Minneapolis’ – Is That Saint Paul?

Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan pick their catastrophic on-screen couples.

40 Years Ago, the Women of Iceland Went on Strike

Watch Hillary Clinton’s Most Entertaining Facial Expressions from the Benghazi Hearing


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