The Past Week

In terms of ACL recovery stepping stones, this week was a game changer because I can now drive. Hurray! I can get myself to physical therapy, go pick up groceries, and maybe even see friends.

I am, however, off work for another two and a half weeks after seeing the surgeon today, who did offer to go whole hog and add on a month. But I’m sincerely hoping that’s unnecessary.

Otherwise, J and I had to be Grown Ups and call off the trip to New York that we were hoping to take in April because it turned out to be just too expensive. Sigh. Some day we’ll get to go? Though I have no idea when? (I hope you all just sang the Téléphone song in your heads.)

So maybe we’ll go somewhere way closer and way cheaper in April instead.

I found a lot of fun (for me, anyway) stuff on the internets this week, which is good, because life on the couch was still boring.

This fellow alumna from my alma mater came up with some more great empathy cards.

That one led me to this one (WARNING, you might not be able to stop reading very soon, and also, you might get very emotional because this stuff’s hard and sad): My Husband’s Tumor

On a lighter note: A list of things I wish women’s magazines would publish

A list of movies about teenage girls directed by women. Other than Now and Then (yessss), and Clueless (also yesssss), I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot in that I have seen hardly any of these.

In France, Spin Class Is a Laid-Back Experience: A very interesting read, but when I used to go to spin class in Poitiers using the Les Mills method, the experience was not chill. There was lots of turning up of the resistance wheel. (Also, FYI, Les Mills is from New Zealand, and their informational videos are awesome in that they talk about how to work your “ligs.” Yessssss.)

Finally, An Annotated Tinder Profile for Us Somewhat Intellectuals. I don’t care if you don’t know what Tinder is (I barely do). This stuff’s funny.

Back to watching Kimmy Schmidt now.


4 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Oh man, I hope people don’t think I say “ligs”! I had to roll my eyes at that article. I haven’t done spin class in France (or anywhere in fact), but I know it existed in Tours in like 2013 if not before, but of course when one American writer discovers it in Paris she thinks it’s just hitting France and writes a whole think piece about it…

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