Look what I got!

I like how the city I was born in was Frenchified.

I also registered to vote when I picked it up and J came with me to register at his new polling place (he’s been voting at the old one for a year). The woman at the mairie who handled these papers is also the one who handled the marriage application so she filled in a nom marital on my voting registration. I didn’t notice but J did and fortunately so because there’s obviously no nom marital on my ID card and I would likely have been unable to vote had she not fixed it.

I’m now free to circulate at will!


4 thoughts on “Look what I got!

  1. Congratulations! Your birthplace confused me, I was wondering if they made a mistake (there actually is a mistake on my Belgian ID, because my nationality and birthplace aren’t in the same country so they put my place of birth as Auckland, United Kingdom.) So there’s a town called “College State”, or..?

    • Thanks! It’s actually a pretty well-known college town in Pennsylvania, home of the Pennsylvania State University and their mascot the Nittany Lions. But yes it has a dumb name: State College.

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