The Past Weeks

The past few weeks have been pretty chill since I went back to work, but we did manage to get our Christmas tree set up a few weekends ago and it’s definitely an improvement from last year when it was wobbly. Post-Christmas plans are coming together a little bit and we’ll be returning to the Gard where J will be rock-climbing with friends and I will be doing some light sightseeing. Anyone been down in the area of Uzes and found things worth seeing (besides the Pont du Gard)?

I made these Christmas cookies yesterday which involved making my own caramel au beurre salé for the first time. It was so easy and yet fascinating that I hope to have other reasons to make it soon (although, surely those reasons should be easy to make up?). My cookies are not as pretty as the ones in the recipe but we had a lot of fun making them. J actually only did about six of them, as my mom described them, the ones that are bleeding or disgorging their GI tracts.

Somehow J got motivated to see Star Wars with me on Wednesday which was a nice surprise since I was worried I might end up seeing it alone. I’m now thinking I might need to get a DVD box set of episodes 1-6 (or at least 4-6). It’s been fun rediscovering the movies with J for his first time though I think he’ll never love them like I do.

On that note, here are some links I loved.

Watch a Young Mark Hamill Explain Star Wars: The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made of

Gina Rodriguez Had the Perfect Reponse to That Golden Globes Mix-up (Jane the Virgin for the win)

The Ten Commandments of Eating and Drinking Tex-Mex



4 thoughts on “The Past Weeks

  1. L says:

    My mother in law is from a small village outside of Uzes, so I know the area well. A couple places I would recommend: Les Baux de Provence (about an hour drive away); La bambouseraie en Cevennes (about 50 minutes away); Beaucaire-Tarascon; Nîmes is not too far away if you haven’t visited (Maison Carré, tour magne, etc); outside of La Roque sur Cèze/Bagnols sur Cèze there are some really cool water falls where you can swim in the summer (nice for walking in the winter?). Other than that, the area is just a lot of small picturesque but quiet villages good for walking or biking. If you don’t mind driving, Avignon, Orange and Carpentras aren’t too far away.

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