The Past Weeks

I’ve been posting about other things lately so I haven’t done a link round-up or general life update. Life is mostly work and short, dark days right now. One of our friends is traveling to South Africa next summer to go to Rocklands, a world famous bouldering site, so we are trying to decide if we want to go too. I’ve dreamt of going to South Africa since I started teaching it to my tourism students a few years ago, but it’s hard to let go of so much money, and the state of my knee worries me a little bit too. So we’ll see…

I watched a lot of videos of Alan Rickman this past week. As a Jane Austen-Harry Potter-Galaxy Quest fan, it’s been cathartic.

By Grabthar’s hammar, you shall be avenged! (clips from the movie)

Here’s every Snape scene from Harry Potter in chronological order (feel free to tear up)

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch (and Jimmy Fallon) in a Rickman-off (and scroll down to see Rickman’s response on his next guest appearance)

In other news, Les Reines du Shopping has become Les Rois du Shopping. omg YES.

On a more serious note, What It’s Like To Be Muslim in America Right Now.



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