The Past Week(s?)

It’s almost vacation! No kidding, it really is. In fact there are several French regions that are already on vacation, which means they only had six weeks of class between Christmas and February vacation.

Here’s something I’ve come to understand about the “winter” (February) and “spring” (April) school vacations in France: it’s ALL about keeping the ski resorts in business. When you’re wondering why Toussaint vacation isn’t staggered and the rest are, it’s because October isn’t ski season. My forays into skiing have been brief and relatively disastrous, so this “winter” vacation I will be staying home (and grading).

In other news, over Christmastime, we finally received the shipment of our first self-financed CD with my band. So if anyone’s interested in that, just holla (it’s €8) (thanks to Shannon for that euro symbol!). You can also check us out for free on our bandcamp page.

Here’s some fun stuff from the Internets from the past week and a half ish:

45 Country Wedding Songs Even Your Hipster Friends Will Love (Lonestar brought me WAY back to high school dances in Texas)

From La Vie en C-Rose: How to Live and Work in France.

Establishing a Peace Accord between Parents and Their Childless Friends

17 Fois où Monoprix est allé beaucoup trop loin

And I am intrigued by bullet journaling. I’m not sure if I could keep it up, but I am wondering if it could be a good tool for work.


8 thoughts on “The Past Week(s?)

  1. The Nord is already on vacation which means holiday schedule for transportation. Oh what fun. And isn’t knowing the € sign so great? I’m glad I finally stopped being lazy and googled how to do it. If I would have known it was so simple, I wouldn’t have waited so long!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post!! I am excited for vacation in a week even though I will probably spend it lesson planning. (I only started back at the beginning of February and we already have time off!) I never thought about the link between staggering vacation and ski resorts but it makes so much sense!

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