The Past Week

Well! My vacation has not been incredibly exciting, especially since I’ve had the flu since Thursday. Eugh.

Before being knocked out by this seemingly endless fever, I did manage to apply for my French passport. I did have a bizarre argument with the agent about whether or not my French birth certificate (not present at the appointment) was a simple translation of the American one. But otherwise it was uneventful and should be here in around two weeks.

I also started a bullet journal, and though I filled it out furiously during the first few days, being sick has reduced my activity. So I can’t yet say whether it’s a success or not.

The website has intrigued me, especially for my brother who seems ready to never buy new clothes again ever in his life—though as for Le Creuset, I would have bought some by now anyway if I could afford it!

This video of the UK and Ireland in accents was pretty fascinating, though I wish he’d gone a little more into Ireland.

J and I have been watching the new series Trepalium on Arte. I should really say watched, because in true French fashion, they put out three episodes at a time. For a series that only has six episodes, I REALLY don’t see the point. We haven’t caught up on the final episode yet though because three hours in a row of a TV show just starts to feel like a movie. (DUH.)

Finally, maybe everyone was aware of this but me, but Paris is expanding the metro.


5 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. I had the flu this year for the first time in I don’t even know how many years. It really made me feel miserable. I was still super tired for like a week after all the symptoms stopped.

    I feel like I heard about the Paris metro thing in passing, but I definitely didn’t know any of the details, so thanks for sharing!

  2. What is a bullet journal? I like the idea of that website too, although I always have that internal conflict over saving some money now vs probably spending more down the track replacing stuff. One of the extra penalties for being poor (not that I’m poor, but also not rich enough to be buying Le Creuset as much as I’d like).

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