The Past Week

Well the past week has been pretty dull because I am still sick with killer laryngitis, though it seems to be at its end. I’ll go back to work tomorrow and then my voice can also finish recovering over the weekend.

I did manage to leave the house to pick up my French passport yesterday evening, so that was exciting.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading articles about the US election and catching up on TV shows. Once I finally go back to work things should be pretty intense for a while with lots of meetings, culminating in a week in Slovenia and a week of oral exams before the next vacation.

So! Here’s my link round-up for this week.

The Scourge of the Female Chore Burden, from the Atlantic

Obama Ribs Republican Candidates on CSPAN (My favorite moment: “That’s cray”)

John Oliver Shredded Donald Trump for Twenty Minutes Straight and Dropped the Mike

On a lighter note:

What You Don’t Know about TripAdvisor: I might actually stop using it after reading this (although to be fair I didn’t read it all—it’s really long).

More Facebook Reactions from the Oatmeal

And for a good laugh: Top 10 Worst Mistakes Made by TAPIFers. I lolled.



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