The Past Week

Ahh vacation. I spent the first two days getting all the work done that I was behind on because of the trip and a week of oral exams. Then Wednesday I went to the lycee to catch up on more things and now I am really on vacation, though we’re not going anywhere. After all the hectic running around of the past few weeks it feels good just to rest.

Spring has arrived here with thunderstorms, and our grass is getting taller, but our lawnmower is broken. We dropped it off at J’s parents’ last night and are crossing our fingers his dad can fix it before the grass gets unmowable.

And that’s all the boring news of our lives that I can come up with. I’ll try to have something more exciting to say soon.

Modern Day Harry Potter: Because there’s nothing magical about your late twenties: Could not stop reading

NYT (for those of you counting your free articles): When a Feminist Pledges a Sorority

EW: Mindy Kaling Dishes on Her Character’s Relationship Status

The Atlantic: The First Year of Teaching Can Feel like Fraternity Hazing: It’s always interesting to see someone try to write about classroom management and teaching who is totally outside the profession. But this article is good.

The Expat Phases of Friendship (thanks Dana)

Le jeu du “j’y vais, j’y vais pas”: All about school trips in France and why it is NOT a vacation



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