A New Chapter


The blog has been a bit dead and pretty boring these past few months, and there’s a reason for that. I’ve been pregnant since the beginning of February and J and I are expecting the little Franco-American to arrive beginning of November.

There may have been other things going on in our lives but this has really taken over my brain, and my body, and I didn’t really feel like writing about much else. The first trimester has been physically hard, especially because we didn’t tell anyone about it until after the first ultrasound last week, so I felt pretty alone.

In between the nausea and the fatigue and the light-headedness, there have been some funny moments.

I took the pregnancy test with J in the room because I was too nervous to do it alone (even though I really didn’t think I was pregnant). The second line showed up bright pink pretty quickly but I insisted on waiting the full three minutes “in case it disappears!” Which J of course mocked me for.

After the ultrasound last week, I was drumming my hands on my tummy when J told me to stop. I laughed and he said “Je suis sûr que tu lui fais mal!” Which didn’t stop me laughing but I gave up the drumming, for his sake.

If everything continues to go smoothly health-wise, this is great timing for us, because my parents will be here this summer and our trip to South Africa will fall toward the middle of the second trimester.


24 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Woohoo! I was also wondering if this was coming after your comment on my last post 🙂 Please share your experiences – I haven’t written much about pregnancy because I wasn’t sure how interesting it was for everyone, but I would love to hear about yours. And huge congratulations to you both!

      • Thanks! And yes I tried to not give too much away the other day, since we hadn’t told my husband’s parents yet (not that they know how to use the Internet) but I didn’t want to forget to comment. Things seem to be getting easier in terms of nausea and fatigue, and really, it’s been fine, the happy outweighs the sick, especially now that we’ve gotten to see the images and hear the baby’s heartbeat. Speaking of blogging about pregnancy, did you find any good websites or blogs you liked?

      • I haven’t been found any blogs, but the pregnancy section of http://www.ameli.fr is pretty useful for basic information. http://www.nhs.uk is the British equivalent and is a bit more detailed for some things, although obviously UK focused. I also like the week-by-week sections on pregnancy and foetal developement on Babycentre, which has French, UK and US versions, but a lot of the French version seems to just be a translation of the English-language site (with the names of the “real life” people changed to make them sound French!). http://www.mumsnet.com has an enormous discussion forum which is often useful and sometimes entertaining, but again it’s quite British – I would love to find the French equivalent but I don’t think it exists!

        What about you – have you found anything good?

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