The Past Week

It’s been a pretty chill week back at work, with things calming down a little bit after the yearly madness that is March.

In my efforts to ingest foods that I might actually enjoy these days, I’ve been into making fruit smoothies, using a very simple recipe of equal parts OJ, banana, frozen fruit, and plain yogurt. I put the yogurt in first and then measure the rest with the yogurt cup.

I spent a day in Tours for my last knee appointment (conclusion: do more hamstring exercizes as my right hamstring is at 60% of my left), eating some excellent crêpes and visiting the cloisters of the St Gatien Cathedral. I also did some shopping for our friends’ wedding next weekend and “found my happiness” as the French would say with the help of Desigual and Bijou Brigitte. J has been on vacation so has been working heavily in the yard, especially since I can’t (see: neighbourhood cats and toxoplasmosis).

I did, of course, buy Beyonce’s new album and listen a lot to my triple Best of Prince CD, though my car CD player seems to not like playing disc 2 track 18 (Purple Rain) which is sad for me as I had planned to leave it on loop for a few days.

I went to Fontevraud Abbey last Sunday and was all excited to have seen the place where Eleanor of Aquitaine was buried and to tell my mom about it since she would love it. So I did and it turns out she’s already been there.


Here she is for anyone who is not quite as well-traveled as my mom (that’s Henry on the other side there and next to them is Richard the Lion-hearted)

Otherwise, there’s not a lot going on other than my endless search for fun/interesting pregnancy information, including on American and French blogs. Any recommendations?

Only two fun articles from the past week:

10 Life Lessons I Learned from Children’s Book Heroines

And Can Duolingo Crush the TOEFL? (I am not a huge fan of Duolingo due to its authenticity issues, so I am skeptical that it can do better than all the tests already out there, but their efforts were more interesting than I thought they would be.)


7 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. Grand-mere Colette says:

    i’ve told you at least three times that Fontevraud is just up the road from you and that it was one of my favorite stops with Anne-Marie. But I did not know about the cloisters in Tours, thanks!

    • You know kids don’t listen especially about foreign places over an hour from where they live. Though I’m not really surprised you’ve been there, it does sound familiar.

  2. I wrote you a comment last time with some websites but I don’t think it published correctly so I’ll try again here! I haven’t really been reading pregnancy blogs, but I check these sites pretty often: has a good section on basic pregnancy things, and you can download their maternity guide is a bit like the British Ameli. There is lots of detailed information, but obviously UK specific

    Babycentre/Babycenter is useful, particularly the week-by-week section. There are different versions for different countries but the French version looks like a translation from the American one with just the “real life” names changed, so not sure how accurate it is for France! has an enormous forum. Again, it’s a UK site, but there is lots of useful information, or check the Am I Being Unreasonable forum if you’re in need of entertainment!

    If you’re interested in “natural” parenting, is a quebecois site with lots of articles, and the Leche League has local groups and information about breastfeeding.

    I’d be interested to hear if you find any others, particularly French French sites. I find a lot of the ones that come up on google searches are full of pop-ups and adverts, and kind of annoying!

    • Thanks for the info! I use an app called Glow on my iphone (technically Glow Nurture, since Glow is an app for trying to conceive, though I did use that one too). It has day-by-day info (I mean they spread it out, obviously, clearly baby is not dramatically changing from week 14 day 5 to w14d6) that I enjoy and lots of forums, though they’re not that informative. It seems to have a number of international users though all English speaking of course. It gives me little tidbits for my husband like “oh hey baby can hear us now.” Mumsnet looks pretty cool so I will probably get to poring over it soon.

      Otherwise, nothing really seems to quench my thirst for random info and humor… but here are three sites/blogs I read sometimes:
      La Mariée en Colère: Originally about weddings though she has expanded to conceiving, pregnancy, and babies.
      Happy Grossesse: I was excited to find this one and then realized that she publishes very infrequently.
      Pregnant Chicken: American, but more complete and busier than the other two.

  3. I visited Fontevraud Abbey my very first time in France back in 2005. I remember very little about it except for who is buried there. In fact, I keep forgetting the name and recognize it only though some photos and who’s buried there.

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