The Past Week

The crummy weather finally let up last weekend, which was a four-day weekend, though it seems to have returned in full force today. J and I took advantage of it by having our first barbecue on the patio of the season with our friends and their three little girls (6, 4, and 9 months). We’ve planted a tomato plant and a sweet corn plant to see if we can get fresh corn to grow. If we succeed it might become a regular thing.

We also went to our friends’ wedding. It was really fun to watch them get married but also interesting for us since it was the first wedding as guests since we got married last summer. I felt much more aware of all the different factors going on (like, please don’t call the bride for basic info any day of the wedding weekend, and also, their venue managers were a-holes). I was also very excited for J to wear his suit again and for me to wear my new dress and the clutch I bought (first clutch of my life I think). The dress made my belly pretty obvious though people who don’t know me can definitely just assume that’s how my tummy always looks. I’m back in work clothes today, and the belly is invisible again.


At the pretty but a-hole-ish reception venue


8 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. We’re going to my J’s cousin’s wedding this summer. Their reception is actually at the same place ours was (which means I can walk myself back if I want to go to bed!). I’m looking forward to being at a wedding and having no pressure – just being able to sit back and enjoy myself. Also, if it ends up being SUPER hot like at my wedding, I can sit under a tree outside and not have to worry about making the rounds.

    Cute dress!

      • It’ll be fun to see how they do up the room! The wedding will be at a different mairie and they’re also doing a church ceremony (something everyone was surprised at when we said we weren’t), but I’m so glad about the reception. While I do stay up to what some would consider late, I’m not a night owl by any means. At least not anymore.

  2. I was desperate to go to more weddings after ours, partly because I was just a bit obsessed and partly I wanted to help people out as much as people helped us out at ours. Luckily, some good friends obliged a couple of months later by needing an interpreter for their ceremony 🙂

    That’s a lovely picture of both of you!

    • Ditto to that. I spent Friday afternoon helping set up for this wedding and it was still super fun to feel “in” on the plans before other guests even if was only for about 16 hours!

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