The Past Week

The end of the school year is chugging along, and I can now fill out my lesson calendar all the way up to the last day which leads to important questions like, what movie do I select for my last few hours with the 9th graders?

We’ve been working a little bit on cleaning out our third bedroom to make it into a our new guestroom (since the current guestroom will become the baby’s room), so if anyone wants to buy a desk, or a roll-out couch, we’re selling them for cheap.

We’ve also been working a little bit on our trip to South Africa, including buying the Lonely Planet guide which I pored over last weekend. We’re hoping to do some kayaking and whale watching and light hiking. Things like wine tasting and long hikes and 4×4 safari drives are sort of out of the realm of possibilities. I am a little nervous about our long drive (8 hours) from the Cederburg Mountains to the Garden Route—more so than about the flights!


The book has a good section on literature so I hope to read lots of South African books while I’m there, with one important hiccup: my Kindle seems to be kaput (boring story). So I’ll have to replace that before we go since I don’t plan on filling my suitcase with books.

In my mini-link round-up:

This article and clip of Prince rocking out to While My Guitar Gently Weeps (ermagerd)

Honest Messaging: Those “empathy cards” by a fellow Mac alum that I keep bringing up

And did you know that Gad Elmaleh is doing stand-up in English in the States?


2 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. A friend of mine is in South Africa right now, and it looks amazing! The only South African book I can think of is “Story of an African Farm”, a late-19th century novel which I studied at uni years ago. It’s maybe not your typical plane read (quite a bit on religion and feminism, if I recall correctly), but I quite liked it. It’s always fun to read about the places you’re visiting in novels and recognise some of the names and places from the book.

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