The Past Week

Not a lot to report on this week. We managed to eat on the patio last Friday evening when we had a few hours of respite from these past rainy days. My brother is supposed to come visit next weekend and with the calls for strikes at the airport I am not entirely sure that will happen! It would be a shame but well, that’s life in France….

Here’s some reading I’ve been doing lately.

Make Room for Baby: An interactive gif that shows what happens to a pregnant woman’s organs as a pregnancy progresses.

Why can’t a man pick out China in the White House?

Exactly Where I saved and Where I Overspent on My 6-month Eurotrip

How to Identify Any Language at a Glance and the follow-up How to Identify Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Alphabets at a Glance: Very interesting and useful though of course I will retain about four of these things.


4 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. That interactive gif is quite interesting as you can see exactly what’s happening. Now I understand the whole “pressing on the bladder” thing. I mean, logically, I knew how it happened, but it’s cool to actually see it.

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