All My Pregnancy Symptoms (so far)

All of these symptoms (except number 12) started a good week after I knew I was pregnant, so this isn’t a how-to-guess-if-you’re-pregnant list. It’s a holy-crap-my-body-has-been-taken-over list.

First Trimester

  1. Intense fatigue (obvs)
  2. Insomnia (this went away around week 8)
  3. Nausea (yum) and very occasional vomiting (always provoked by something like trying to swallow a tylenol—I’ve since switched to the dissolvables)
  4. Light-headedness: feeling faint when standing up, or just generally
  5. Occasional dizziness
  6. Dry and itchy skin
  7. Dry eyes
  8. Good hair (I mean there’s gotta be something good)
  9. Flatulence
  10. Frequent urination
  11. Constant thirst (a partial cause for number 10 I imagine)
  12. Sore breasts
  13. Very limited appetite and food aversion (related to the nausea)
  14. Arms falling asleep when lying down (this is way more annoying than it sounds)
  15. Nosebleeds (I got one particularly bad one WHILE throwing up, so that was a fun morning…)
  16. Shortness of breath when walking uphill or up stairs
  17. Rhinitis
  18. Heightened sense of smell

Second Trimester (so far, and leaving out the symptoms that continued from the first, or, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18)

  1. Itchy palms
  2. Dry and red facial skin
  3. Occasionally waking up at 4 am for no reason
  4. Intense sacrum pain (going to the osteopath tomorrow for this)
  5. Other boob-related things
  6. Increased appetite (having to eat again before bed for example)

So the only symptom on this list I was aware existed before getting pregnant was morning sickness. Every time something new and weird happens, I look it up online and oh suprise! It’s a pregnancy thing. It’s actually kind of fun.



5 thoughts on “All My Pregnancy Symptoms (so far)

  1. The dry skin drove me crazy over the winter. After every shower I ended up using face moisturiser, stretch mark oil on my bump, normal body lotion on my arms and legs, exfoliating my feet and then using intensive cream on them and my hands – it took forever (and is surprising exhausting, especially when you can’t reach your feet very easily)! I was worried that I might have obstetric cholestasis, my feet were so itchy, but no, just irritated skin.

    I found the insomnia weird as well. I would just be wide awake between about 4am and 5am, not worried or stressed or anything, just awake, then happily fall back to sleep again … only to be woken by the alarm at 6. I wake up for physical reasons now ( sore back and needing the toilet) but at least on maternity leave you can sleep in afterwards!

    • Wow that does suck, brings me back to past winters in Minnesota. I have itchy shins generally in the winter and a few times this spring it was really hard not to just scratch constantly. But otherwise the skin problems have been limited to my face lately.

      Your insomnia sounds like mine. The days when I go to work at 9:30 are much easier than the earlier ones since I have time to fall back asleep.

  2. nobody tells you the symptoms ahead of time because there are so many and you won’t have the same ones the teller had. Besides there are some you don’t want to know about. Just be sure you eat really a lot of fiber, hon—I’ll bring you some metamucil because it is THE BEST

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