The Past Week

Summer appears to finally be here after last week’s endless rain. We didn’t experience any flooding here fortunately—the lawn just grew a lot. Our tomato plant appears to also be doing well, but not so much the corn.

My brother came to visit last weekend and after a few days of carefully following the news about the airport strikes, it turned out that the problem was the trains. His train upon arrival in Paris was canceled but he was put on a later one automatically and got his ticket immediately at the train station (part of the TGV + Air service). Friday evening after more internet research I learned how to tell if your train has been canceled: do a search to see if tickets are still being sold. And yes, his train back to CDG on Sunday was indeed canceled as well as all other trains except the one at 9 in the morning. We were bummed for a while until he said he would treat me to a train ticket to Paris so we could spend the day there together. And even though our day in Paris was complicated, it ended up being a good way to spend more time together and save the weekend.

Complicated how? First, I forgot my cell phone, so we had to do everything by memory and with signage, which worked out okay, actually. Then, we planned to go to the Musée Picasso, but because of the plan vigipirate, we couldn’t even enter the museum since my brother had his travel backpack with him. So we headed to Montparnasse to drop it off in the baggage lockers, at which point I did not feel like heading all the way back to the Marais, and we walked up past the Invalides to the Musee D’Orsay, which was, suprise, closed because of flooding. We then tried the Orangeries but I was having some trouble standing in line and didn’t want to waste an hour of the day (it was a free first Sunday) watching him stand in line from a bench. I really need to get on asking for that carte prioritaire. So we ended up just wandering around the Tuileries and people watching. We did get a good look at the flooded Seine but I have to wait for him to send me pictures since I didn’t have my phone!

In other news, the CAF has named me J’s last name even though I never wrote it in anywhere. And of course their e-mail service has a “problème technique” so I may have to write a full on letter or actually go out there to fix it.

Here’s some stuff I read this week:

Queen Elizabeth and Her Corgis: A Love Story

Jonah Ryan for Congress: For any Veep fans out there.

The 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes I Made while Traveling the World

A bit dated now: Hillary Clinton Supporters May Be Hiding in Plain View: It’s true that I feel like I only see Bernie stuff on facebook walls (except for my family) and I don’t step up and promote her myself even though I love her (there I said it).


2 thoughts on “The Past Week

  1. I emailed the CAF about them changing my name back in April and have just received an email saying that they are working on solving the problem. Going in person might actually be quicker!

    • Well that is good to know and promising because after doing some internet searching about people’s experiences with this, I was starting to worry that they might not even try to fix it!

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