The Past Week

It’s officially summer!

Okay, so technically it’s not quite yet the summer solstice, it’s been raining for weeks, and I’m not actually really on vacation until the evening of July 5th, but classes are over for me for this school year. Also, Sunday is my birthday/Father’s Day. So, you know, whatever. SUMMER.

Soon my parents will be here and then soon after they leave we’ll go to South Africa. Everything seems to be pretty set for the trip: all reservations booked, road maps ordered, eletrical adaptors bought… just a few questions for the OBGYN (e.g. do I need compression stockings for the flights?) to ask beforehand.

This week we’ve spent some time watching the Euro Cup, but more importantly, I found my old friend Malavika’s episode of Jeopardy streaming online (from June 7th). It was the most exciting thing on television ever.

In pregnancy news, after many conversations that went something like this over the past three weeks:

Friend/colleague/other: Have you felt the baby move?
Me: No not yet.
Repeat three times a week.

… I finally realized that those little tummy jerks I’ve been feeling are NOT gas and the baby is actually moving all the time.

We also got a free crib.

No links this week, it’s all too sad and/or political.


5 thoughts on “The Past Week

    • Those look great, except that I’m allergic to most wool! So I think it’s too risky of a purchase, but I’ll have a look on Amazon for something wool-free. Thanks!

  1. Hi, just putting my two cents, I wore the compression socks for a flight while pregnant. For return flight, I’ve decided not to wear them, and my feet got very swollen. I couldn’t take off my shoes. They are reimbursed by la sécu btw.

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