The Past Week

Summer vacation feels like it has for real started, though I still work tomorrow afternoon and all day Monday. Can’t complain though: only one more day of getting up at a semi-early hour before almost two full months of sleeping in.

My parents have arrived in France and they spent last weekend with us before heading up to Tours for a week of French lessons. We revisited downtown Poitiers, and Chauvigny and its artists’ shops including our favorite pottery shop, where we now have to return since J tragically broke one of our coffee cups the very next day. Sunday we took a trip to the market at the ZUP in Poitiers, also one of our favorite things, to eat boreks made by the Turkish ladies and buy masses of fruit at our favorite produce stand.

Preparation for South Africa has continued as in I’ve highlighted all the routes in our road atlas and ordered a new Kindle since the old one seems to have neverending connection problems. My parents gave me a pair of binoculars for my birthday so we should be able to spy on birds and whales and dolphins pretty effectively now.

I dunno what to say about Brexit, so I would just suggest watching this if you’re feeling down about it.


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